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I Do Not Have a Catchy Title

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

So, I feel like in my existence with 3 kids, everything takes 9 times longer to get to. EVERYTHING. The laundry, walking up and down the stairs with children, getting in and out of the car, etc. etc. etc. I had such good intentions to set out and do this blog on Friday during nap time 😴, but you know, life. And I may have taken a nap too 🤷‍♀️

I mentioned in the first post that some of my close friends and family have been requesting this blog journey for some time now (Better late than never, guys!). To be perfectly honest, I probably would have continued to ignore this request but my husband, Nick, found this space to blog in our existing website. Now I can’t use the excuse that I don’t know how to set up a blog & here we are. Thank you, Nick!

A little bit of a background: i am married to Nick and we have three kids (2 year old twins: Mila and Luca + 4.5 year old, Ava). Life is fun.

I will occasionally post ridiculous things from our day on Facebook and the general response is that our life is really crazy and that maybe people would enjoy reading these posts in a blog.

Im not sure that my life is unique or blog-worthy or that anyone will even read this and for a long time this has stopped me from doing a blog. I typically think things like, “well lots of moms days are crazy and funny and lots of moms struggle with staying home with kids so why would people want to read about my day?” I’m still not positive of this answer but what I do know is that maybe what I can offer is a glimpse into an unfiltered view of life with 3 kids. My most-liked posts were not Pinterest-worthy, they were raw and real and true and funny and usually just ridiculous. I share things that are true to me and my family and our life. Pictures of Mila eating topsoil and Luca pooping in our bathtub for example.

I don’t think i am unique in my experiences as a mom. But I do think that maybe I am more willing to share. I’m still trying to organize and filter out my own thoughts and ideas for how to structure this blog. But I do hope that it will be a place I can share stories of being a mom and raising 3 free + wild kids and tell you funny stories about my kids pooping in the bathtub. So, so many poop stories to share. When does that stage end btw? 🤔 And also share art projects that we are working on with our kids.

I love that we recently developed this business, Little Humans Art Co. I really love that we focus on the process of art, the messy experience, the not having to be perfect. This world is so full of pressure. I hope this blog + classes is a place to just be 💕

Next: More on why I really really love process art and how it ties into motherhood for me. Stay tuned!



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